Duvets and pillows made in Denmark. Inspired by Danish Islands.

“Once upon a time in a small Nordic country by the Sea…”

Denmark is a small country by the sea with many lovely islands. Our Danish Islands Collection pays tribute to the Danish Islands and Scandinavian living.

“Quilts of Denmark are high quality down products manufactured in Denmark and made by people with a genuine passion for good sleep. Nordic quality without compromises.”

The small islands spread from the North Sea where the harsh waves roll ashore and sometimes reach stormy heights – to the quieter fjords, creeks and bays where the water- and life – is peaceful, idyllic and tranquil.


Allergy- and environmentally friendly

Muscovy down
Organic cotton, super cambric


Goose down
50% lyocell/50% cotton


Goose down
Batiste woven cotton


Goose down
Sateen woven cotton


Goose down duvets
Duck down pillows
Jacquard woven cotton, stripe


Muscovy down duvets
Duck down pillows
Cambric woven cotton

Made in Denmark

Made in Denmark

All duvets and pillows – in the Islands Series – are developed, designed and produced in Denmark. Quality, animal welfare and minimal impact on the environment are key focus areas, but our most important goal is to provide you with the best possible sleep

Nordic dreams and design

Duvet sizes

  • 135/140 x 200 cm
  • 140 x 220 cm
  • 150 x 210 cm
  • 155 x 220 cm
  • 200 x 220 cm
  • 240 x 220 cm
  • 260 x 240 cm

Other sizes available on demand.


  • LIGHT – summer season with less filling
  • MEDIUM – pre-seasons/all-seasons with more filling
  • WARM – pre-seasons/all-seasons with even more filling
  • EXTRA WARM – winter season with most filling

Pillow sizes

  • 50 x 60 cm
  • 50 x 70 cm

Other sizes available on demand.

Pillow hardness

  • SOFT – pillow form with less filling
  • MEDIUM – pillow form with more filling
  • FIRM – pillow form with most filling

Ø [øːˀ] is an island

What’s so special about Denmark? What’s really original? For one thing; it’s a beautiful country located in the Northern Europe, surrounded by water – in these waters you’ll find a number of lovely islands – and here in Denmark, we call them Øer! 

Well, how do I pronounce that? I don’t know the letter
– it’s not even part of my keyboard…

Let’s help you! In writing you can use the combination O and E to replace the Ø. In Germany they have another solution available – they can replace the Ø with an Ö, which is kind of the same – a special character not found among the international letters.

Now you know how to use the Ø in writing – that might be the easy part – pronouncing is quite another challenge.

Also, when you walk along the beautiful countryside, and you’ll see running water – like a small river – we call that an Å… which leads to quite another story!


Recommended by Asthma Allergy Nordic. It is your guarantee that the products do not contain anything at particular risk of causing skin allergies.


The Nordic Ecolabel is your guarantee that
the product is among the products in its category that have the least environmental impact.


Certified with the international DownPass certificate is your guarantee of the highest animal welfare.


The Oeko-Tex certificate ensures that the product does not contain harmful chemicals. It is tested and approved to the highest standards.


The Nomite mark is your guarantee that the fabric is so tightly woven that house dust mites cannot penetrate the duvet and pillow.


We use only the finest down - and they are washed and heat treated. Your guarantee that bacteria, viruses and other organic residues are not present in the quilt.