Aarø is located in Lillebælt and is 5.66 square kilometers. There is a daily ferry connection to Aarøsund at Haderslev, where the crossing time is 7 minutes. The island has a campsite, winery and brewery, as well as several dining and accommodation options.
Aarø has approx. 150 residents.

Aarø is located in an area which is characterized by being a particularly valuable coastal area, only 1.5 kilometres from the mainland. It gives the island a strong location as a favorite tourist and holiday destination.

There are many activities on the island, as Aarø is a very active island, where the interaction between nature, the residents, the business community is really good for the benefit and pleasure of the island’s residents and the many tourists.

Experience the tranquility and nature, if that’s what you want, or you can visit the lovely restaurants on the island, or visit the winery or grocery store. Or attend one of the many events held on the island on a regular basis.

“We want everyone to have a good experience on Aarø!
Our main goal is: Aarø – an active island in pact with nature.”