In the Smålandshavet Archipelago, Femø is the island furthest away from the mainland. With its unusually beautiful and rolling “mountaniuos” landscape, and its 22-meter elevation above sea level, it is the place in Smålandshavet where you – in more than one sense of the word – get closer to the sky.

Femoe’s highest number of residents, namely 782, was recorded by census in 1880. Since then it has gone downhill. By 1901, it had dropped to 708 residents. In recent years, however, the population has stabilized. Femø currently has 120 full-year residents, who are very happy to live here. Most of them are retirees and retirees, but here also live a group of adults 40+. The school closed in 1998 when there were only two siblings left. Since then, the few permanent children have been commuters. The nearest primary school is in Horslunde, approx. 10 km. from Kragenæs.

Some residents have deep roots through several generations on the island, some have come as retirees or retirees. Some have moved here as young people because they have chosen the particular way of life that a small island provides. Others have started coming here in their spare time, e.g. for the Jazz Festival or in the cottage.

Many leisure people have – or get – a strong connection to the island and become permanent residents when they stop working. Some are new immigrants who have had their childhood on the island and return with strong resources after a working life abroad.

There is a strong relationship between people on Femø, whether you are a resident or otherwise connected to the island.

Femø has two cities: Nørreby and Sønderby. Many old houses and a jumble of small paths are one of the special features of the island. The two cities are quite different. Nørreby has a long main street, where you can find Højriis, the inn and the doctor. Sønderby is more intricate to be found around. Here is the Præstegården, which serves as a cultural center, the blacksmith and the Femø Museum. At the harbor there is also a small urban environment. – Although some people laugh when we call it cities at all. The island has 32 km of public road.

There are 153 full-year houses and 52 holiday homes on Femø. In addition, Maribo Boligforening has three rental apartments, which are all around. There are some agricultural properties in the cities, the rest are scattered throughout the island. In some houses there are apartments for rent in an extension. Some year-round houses have been sold for recreational use and are beautifully maintained, because at Femø we have preferred that the homes be sold rather than simply decayed.

On the east side of the island, called the Extinction, lies the cottage area. Many of the cottages have not changed owner since they were first sold in 1976. There are about a dozen permanent residents in the cottage extension. The flexible housing scheme improves the possibilities of fitting in as best as possible.