According to the “Tunbos” (the natives on Tunø) – this island is true magical, where you can go hunting for treasures in the wild nature. You can walk around this island in only 2-3 hours, if not hunting for treasures. There are no cars on Tunø, instead you should bring your bike and hiking boots.

Tunø in Kattegat spans over 3.48 square kilometres. There are daily ferry connections with Hou on the east coast of Jutland, where the crossing time is 60 min. Tunø has a grocery store, an inn and a school that offers tuition up to 7th grade. Tunø has approx. 110 residents.

Tunø is located between Samsø and Jutland at the outskirts of the Bay of Aarhus. Tunø has a rare, beautiful and varied nature with steep cliffs, meadows and completely untouched marsh and woodland. Tunø also has a great harbour, a nice campsite and a sandy beach.
The highest point is Bjerget (the mountain) with its 24 meters, the whole island is approx. 3.5 square kilometres and there is a hiking path around the island.

“It’s all about being present while getting wet feet and sunburnt nose tips…”

One of the first things you notice when you arrive in Tunø is the stalls with fruit and vegetables. Here you can buy local fresh produce for a delicious meal. From the famous new Tunø potatoes in May-June and juicy red strawberries – to the autumn and winter carrots, cabbage and root vegetables.


Tunø is favored by a mild climate of the surrounding sea, which provides really good conditions for the production of virtually all kinds of vegetables and fruits.

The sea around Tunø invites you to a wonderful mix of relaxation in quiet surroundings and wonderful holiday activities. The beaches vary from wide child-friendly sandy beaches with shallow water far out. There are also the slightly deeper, and other places more rocky beaches, which in turn have great fishing opportunities.

The many kilometers of coastline means that there are never problems with overcrowded beaches.

The short distances makes Tunø ideal for riding your bike. There is an asphalt road down the middle of the island, but don’t cheat yourself for a bike ride on the small field roads.

Cows and sheep stand peacefully and enjoy the summer in the field while the birds give whistling a concert.